Dance Community


We've brought magic to dance events for a decade, travelling coast-to-coast to internationally


We're always on the lookout for new artistic opportunities. If you're interested in how we can enrich your event, drop us a line

Lighting Design

We stage live sound and light performance! J's custom designed control system makes the room literally dance along with you. Working toward his M.S. in Lighting Engineering at Penn State, J is always creating in light


Have you heard our stories? Ask us about the time we marched 100 dancers deep into the forest to experience a sylvan dance space with off-grid lighting and sound. Or about the time we closed Gordon Webster's last heartfelt blues tune with 10 seconds of the richest darkness you'll ever experience


DJ Sunrise                                                    

J has been spinning for a decade at blues, fusion & swing events. He earned his name by rocking a dance floor 5 hours past closing until sunrise


He specializes in sound and light performance for fusion, and traditional blues and swing. His obsession with creating the perfect dance floor led to him adding his turntable in '07, custom-built DJ software in '10, and lighting design in '11



J and KT have been teaching together since 2010 and have over a decade of teaching experience between them. Together, they've helped build blues scenes in Champaign, IL and Pittsburgh, PA


While Blues is their teaching specialty, they also teach Fusion, Lindy, Charleston and East Coast Swing. They've taught private lessons, local lesson sets, and small workshops throughout the Midwest and East Coast